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How Blogging Can Help Your Brand Stand Out

Learn why blogging is still so relevant to helping your brand stand out online.

Should I be worrying about blogging? Isn't it overdone these days? Does anyone even read blogs anymore?

Yes, you most definitely should worry about blogging! It definitely can be overdone and yes people still read blogs. Think about it, we are constantly searching good ol' Google for answers on just about everything. Majority of the time we get plastered with a bunch of blogs or articles that have our key search words or phrases. We sift through and find the ones that give us what we need.

Have you ever taken any notice of what websites these blogs or articles are actually on? You'd be surprised how many of them are published by websites for brands and companies.

Why do brands and companies bother publishing blogs?

For starters, it assists with their website's SEO (search engine optimisation) which means Google favours it in relevant search results. When it's written properly and with SEO in mind, of course! This gives a brand's website more chance of being seen by potential clients or customers.

It gives readers a sense that this company or brand know what they are talking about. They are presenting meaningful, factual information to their audience so of course they can be trusted. Trust builds relationships with your audience and clients which is an important way to maintain their loyalty.

Blogs create a pathway for multiple content avenues to be explored. One blog can filter out into Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest. All it takes is a bit of creative strategy to utilise your blog to its fullest potential across all your channels.

They also give you meaningful content to provide in your EDMs. You'll actually feel like you have something to send out to your mailing list rather than feeling like you are spamming them with sales pitches about your company.

Meaningful, researched and strategic blogging can make an enormous difference to your presence online.

Blogs are not everyone's forte. That's where taking some liberty in learning how to write them yourself or, hiring a copywriter to do them for you is a worthwhile investment.

Don't let blogging scare you! Start getting your ideas down today and see where it takes you.

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