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3 Ways To Look More Relaxed On Camera

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Learn 3 quick and easy remedies for on-camera nerves!

The demand for us to be on camera is something that can't be ignored. Anyone can pick up their phone and broadcast their mug to everyone in their online community. Some find it far easier with natural ease and the ability to address the masses with confidence and flair. While others... well, others find it the most absolutely daunting and horrible thing in the world.

Well, why should I care about being on camera?

These days brands and businesses need to be transparent, personable and relatable. The competition is tough! One way to cut through the noise is to be comfortable allowing your followers to get to know you with video content.

Let's go through 3 quick and easy things you can do before and during filming to help ease your nerves!

1. Take a nice, long, deep breath.

Before pressing record take a moment to inhale deeply for about 6-8 seconds, hold for 3-4 and then exhale. Do this a few times until you begin to feel relaxed. People often forget how important breathing is. It calms instantly and uhh...keeps you alive! It can also relax any tension in your face which is important because appearing tense on camera isn't the best experience for your followers. They want to feel at ease watching you!

2. Remember, you are talking to humans not just a screen.

Something that we often forget is that we are talking to people behind those screens. You may not be able to see those people while you film your content but they will be there for the final product. Imagine you are talking to someone while you film. Imagine a good friend or someone who makes you feel extremely comfortable and address them. Better yet, invite them over to give you hand. They can double as camera operator!

3. Rehearse your content.

Actors and TV Personalities don't just 'wing it' when they are on camera. Even Improv Artists have some kind of rehearsal and plan in place. What makes us any different? Don't be scared to plan an outline of what you want to film or discuss on camera and rehearse it. I do not recommend rehearsing to a mirror as this can be extremely distracting. I do recommend recording your rehearsals as sometimes these can be the golden moments!

There you have it. My top 3 tips for getting comfortable on camera!

If all else fails, don't forget to laugh at yourself. Laughter ALWAYS eases nerves and makes any experience more enjoyable. Laughter and wine. Either one works!

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