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Acting Workshops

Does your team need an unforgettable bonding experience? There's nothing like an acting class to get you out of your comfort zone, feeling creative and having a great big laugh! Acting helps with spontaneity through improvisation games. It strengthens teamwork with scene-building exercises and encourages confidence with the notion that no idea is wrong. 

Get to know me as an actor here!

What is acting?

Acting is a powerful form of storytelling that evokes and elicits an emotional response from its audience. The skills actors develop in order to be at their peak level of performance are embedded in truth, spontaneity, freedom, openness, trust and creativity. Actors are asked to delve deep within themselves in order to bring out the best in their characters. 

How can it help me?

Acting asks you to let go of your ego, embrace the unknown and trust your instincts. If your team needs a little something different to help with bonding, an acting workshop is the answer! We use improvisation games to encourage spontaneity and trusting instincts. Scene building exercises require strong teamwork through the notion that no idea is a 'bad one' and allowing all creative voices to be heard. It's also a huge amount of fun and gets everyone laughing and letting go!

On a practical level, it helps develop vital public speaking and on-camera skills necessary to compete in today's digital space. More and more, people are being asked to 'put themselves out there' and get in front of their audience at a more personal level. Don't fall behind, let us help you develop your skills and confidence.

What are my options?

Teambuilding Workshops
These are specialised workshops to encourage team bonding and to strengthen relationships and trust between members of your team or workplace. We use improvisation exercises, storytelling games and scene-building challenges to explore creativity and encourage fun and laughter. Your team will walk away feeling free, open to exploring the unknown and confident in their own creativity.


On-Camera Skills

Today's digital space requires businesses and individuals to be comfortable getting themselves on camera. It's important for building content and having the ability to connect at an emotional level with your audience through a screen. It can be daunting to be 'natural' when there's a camera pointed at your face. Whether it's a phone camera or not! Learn invaluable skills and tricks of the trade to calm nerves, appear natural and relaxed and portray truth through the lens.

Something Specific

Do you have something specific in mind? Do you have an important event coming up or a content day scheduled? Perhaps your team needs a little bit of everything? We can tailor a workshop for exactly what you are after.

One-on-one Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching for anyone preparing for an event, filming, job interview or anything that requires public speaking or being on camera. Get in touch and let's get you feeling confident for your big event!


Let's Work Together

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