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I'm Veronica. A copywriter & creative based in Sydney.

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone's story has an audience waiting to hear it. My focus is on storytelling and allowing your unique experience to cut through the online noise. I specialise in copywriting and content coordinating for the arts and entertainment industries. However, I love to write and create, so throw anything at me!

I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Philosophy which has given me the ability to research effectively and see every scenario from multiple angles. My background in acting and performance keeps me spontaneous, fluid and creative.  

I have a passion for working with small businesses, brands and individuals who desperately crave a copywriting overhaul and some social media finesse. My specialities also include on-camera and public speaking coaching. 

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What do I do?


Let's work together on creating copy that is perfect for you and your business. I can edit your existing copy or we can start from scratch on something fresh. Concise, engaging and informative communication is key to great copy. Let me help you with your website, blogging, advertisements, e-books, newsletters, info packs and more!​

Social Media

Do you want to demystify creating great content for your social media channels? It is much easier than you realise. I can advise you on what will work for you and your business or, I can do it all for you! We can create and plan content that will keep your audience engaged and loving your business.


Hate being in front of the camera? Hate speaking in public? Let me help you gain confidence! We are being asked to put ourselves on broadcast more than we realise. Perhaps you want to do some online video content for your business or, you've been asked to make a video resume. I understand being in front of the camera can be absolutely terrifying for most. Let's arm you with the confidence and skills that will turn you into a complete pro in no time.


I've worked with



Chum Ehelepola, owner at Sydney Actors Collective

"Veronica has been instrumental to the success of Sydney Actors Collective, making it one of the most reputable advanced acting studios in Australia. She strategized and executed all the SAC social media and marketing campaigns. In addition to fundamental campaigns, she orchestrated creative, unique and highly engaging marketing campaigns that aligned perfectly with the unique SAC brand. She is currently head of marketing and social media at SAC and has now developed strategies for the Los Angeles division. She is smart, capable, motivated and a fantastic team player. I would highly recommend her for any business looking to grow its marketing."

Jordan Vassallo, marriage celebrant and master of ceremonies

"When Veronica first started working on my website I knew instantly that she understood me as a client. Her questioning allowed her to dig deep to understand what my target market was and helps to shape the copy to make it engaging and in my case coherent. Thanks to her amazing skills I feel confident when communicating with my clients and I cannot wait to see the increase in business through clear and simple messaging."


Let's Work Together

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